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Batch Processing Work

    How do you structure your workload?

    Do you often times find it hard to get into a groove?

    Like your attention is always being diverted and it's impossible to get into a deeply focused state?

    I used to have this same exact problem.

    In fact, I still struggle with this, but today I want to offer up a solution that's helped me cut this problem down to a manageable size – batch processing.

    What Is Batch Processing?

    Let's say you've built your personal brand, and now you're starting to crank out content.

    Let's say you're aiming for one YouTube video, one blog post, three Instagram posts and one email blast a day.

    That's a ton of content. It would drive you crazy to crank all of that out in a single day, constantly switching from task to task.

    Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

    What if instead, you dedicated one day a week to writing and scheduling your blog posts.

    The next day you created and scheduled your Instagram posts and email blasts.

    Then you had three days to shoot your videos and two days to edit and upload the videos.

    Why Does Batch Processing Work?

    Batch processing really allows you to get in the zone each time you go to put in some work.

    Let's look at what's involved in shooting a video.

    You have to make sure your memory card has available space on it, get your lighting and sound dialed in, make sure your camera settings are correct, get in the right mental head-space to shoot, and then actually start recording.

    If you have to do that every single day, it can get exhausting.

    Instead, when you do that one time in the morning and then crank out 3 or 4 videos back to back, it can make life a hell of a lot easier.

    For me, when I start to shoot a video, my first couple of takes are pretty iffy. I usually don't produce anything meaningful for the first couple of tries.

    Why go and unnecessarily put myself through that process every single day when I can do that two times per week and then get in that flow state and crank out all my videos?

    For more repetitive tasks like creating and scheduling your Instagram posts, you're able to really find a rhythm when you're doing post after post back to back to back.

    This gets pretty nuanced. When I'm editing my quote posts in Font Candy, I can really get in the zone and, as silly as this sounds, better remember how to use each function of the app and where each button I need is.

    I know that sounds a little ridiculous, but it's all about eliminating things that can interrupt your flow.

    Nothing New Here

    This isn't a new concept. This was used by Henry Ford with the assembly line.

    Ford discovered that his employees were much more efficient when they were given a single, highly repetitive task to do, rather than giving a single employee a broad range of responsibilities.

    As Entrepreneurs, we don't have the luxury of only focusing on just one task. But, we can try to get as much out of this principle as possible by batching the tasks that we do have into time blocks so we can get in that zone and be as effective as possible during that time frame.

    This Will Look Different For Everybody

    There is no right or wrong way to do this.

    Maybe while you do prefer to shoot your videos all at once, when it comes to writing your emails you'd rather do that once a day because it feels more authentic and makes finding a topic easier.

    There's no one way to do this and it will require a little experimentation to find the best solution for you.

    Having said that, this can definitely be a big boost to your productivity, so I would really encourage you to at least give it a shot.

    That's all for today – just a quick tip that I hope you'll find useful.

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    Til next time, enjoy!


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