Meet, Alex

Alex is a serial entrepreneur, Realtor and active investor who drives growth and scale for his portfolio companies. 

Originally starting in banking with JP Morgan Chase, Alex quickly realized that Corporate America wasn't for him. He decided multifamily real estate would be his way out, so after purchasing and renovating a 3-unit apartment building in downtown Chicago, he quit his job and never looked back.

Since then, he's gone on to found multiple online businesses, participate in tens of millions of dollars in real estate transactions, and help countless local business professionals grow their companies to new heights. 

Every Entrepreneur is fundamentally in two businesses - whatever industry they're in, and the lead generation business.

How Alex Can Help:

Marketing Consultant

Alex founded Owens Media Co. in 2018 to help local businesses aggressively expand their market share using digital advertising.


In early 2019, Alex saw that he could apply his marketing skillset to residential Real Estate. He got his license and within just one year had represented clients on over $20MM in transactions.


Alex founded Owens Capital Group in 2020 to help businesses owners exit their company's day-to-day operations. Talk to him about your exit strategy today.

Time to Write Your Next Chapter?

When you've worked your entire life to build something incredible, deciding to start a new journey can be one of the hardest choices you'll ever make. But sometimes the greatest things in life are right on the other side of those tough choices.

Discover how exiting your business can actually be easier than you think. Give yourself the ability to move onto whatever's next, all while preserving the legacy you worked so hard to build.

Alex's mission at Owens Capital Group is to view the businesses he invests in as strategic partners. The goal is long term growth, not scrapping the business for parts like industry competitors would do.

Get in touch today to see how Alex can provide an exit strategy that doesn't just create a payday - it ensures your legacy continues. 

My Latest Thoughts

Here's what's been on my mind lately...

Grow Your Business With Digital Advertising

Never has there been a better time to be in business. Thanks to the power of digital advertising, you can now reach more customers faster and cheaper than ever before. Discover how Owens Media Co. can help you tap into this powerful new frontier today.

Powerful Scale

Get your business in front of a wealth of qualified prospects, whether they're right in your backyard or halfway across the globe.

Rock Bottom Pricing

Because you can laser target your ideal audience, the cost to acquire new customers is lower than ever before. Don't miss out on this transformative moment.

​The Entire World ​at Your Fingertips

Life in High Definition

Ever feel like your cell phone has started to replace real life? You're not alone. In fact, since the iPhone's introduction in 2007, our smart phones have completely monopolized our time. It's time to take back control.

Break Free From Your Smart Phone

In 2017, Alex realized his smart phone had all but taken over his life. That's when he decided it was time to take back the reigns. 

After trying just about everything, he finally realized that the secret was in making small, manageable changes every day, rather than trying to go cold turkey.

He developed the 30-Day Cell Phone Challenge to help others learn from his mistakes and keep their smart phone usage in check.

Special Offer! Enroll now and get a 35% discount!

Why Make the Change?

Because our smart phones have crept their way into our lives over an extended period of time, many of us don't even realize just how hooked we are. Breaking the habit changes your life in some pretty amazing ways, but these are some of the main ones:


More than anything, this challenge is designed to give you actionable strategies to escape the never ending stream of texts, emails and notifications.

Time Management

Feel like it's impossible to get anything done these days? Inside the challenge Alex shows you how to break free from the constant distractions so you can have breakthrough productivity.


Once you've gotten that peace, you can get to work reprioritizing your focus. Not only on your work, but also on real life rather than what's happening on social media.


The Blue Light emitted by your cell phone screen puts your circadian rhythm into a downward spiral. Once you cut back on your screen time, your sleep is revitalized almost immediately. 

Get Instant Access to The 30-Day Cell Phone Challenge Now!

Make today the day you take back control from your smart phone.

What's Inside the Challenge?

Let's get down to brass tacks. Here's exactly what you'll get:


Module 1: The Reset

First we need to do a hard reset, so to speak, of your operating system (your brain). As our phones have crept further and further into our daily lives, the way we think has been fundamentally altered. In Module 1 we get you unplugged and break the vicious habits that keep you glued to your screen.


Module 2: The Comeback

Now that we've broken the cycle, it's time to build you back up again. Here we focus on becoming fully engaged in real life again. Whether that be picking up a hobby again, getting outside more, or simply being present to the moment, we get you focused on what matters again.



As great as the video lessons are, nothing beats the act of putting pen to paper. That's why I've packed the challenge with a host of custom worksheets. Going through these exercises forces you to thoughtfully consider the concepts we're discussing. That's when change becomes inevitable.


Bonus Trainings

Because your smart phone affects so many other areas of your life, I decided to throw in some bonus content to help get those areas back to normal. From rebuilding your everyday productivity, to revamping your social skills, to installing keystone habits, you'll be well equipped to fix the damage your cell phone left in its wake.



100% No Questions Asked 30-Day Guarantee

That's right - a 30-day guarantee on a 30-day program. I must have a screw loose upstairs because that's an offer too good to refuse. Go through the entire course and if you don't get the results you're looking for, just let me and my team know. We'll refund 100% of your investment.

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